power of affiliate marketing
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The Power of Affiliate Marketing

Network effect has remained one of the most interesting drivers of growth! Its results are simply limitless.

The e-commerce space largely owes its success to the network effect.

power of affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Companies like Amazon, Alibaba have very extensive affiliate marketing system and can be said to have perfected their affiliate marketing strategy having millions of marketers bring customers to them at almost no cost.

The network effect has aggregation at its core!

Amazon provides the platform for aggregation while the marketers bring the customers.

For marketers, this network effect can be used to create a business.

In the world of business today, bloggers, content creators, YouTubers, have affiliate marketing has their biggest stream of income, creating entire livelihood and empires around it.

The bigger your network the more money you make. The sheer ability of your network to grow infinitesimally ensures that your true net worth is unbounded.

Jeff Bezos has gone on to become the richest man in the world by being at the top of this food chain!

As an upcoming business person looking to create an extra stream of income -Affiliate Marketing might be worth considering

In Nigeria, there are very limited purely online affiliate marketing platforms, most of what exists are localized deals between a few influencers and some brands.

In building an affiliate marketing business in Nigeria, this training here – https://tinyurl.com/themarketingaffiliate – is worth considering. 

The course is bundled with a free one-year subscription to easily the biggest affiliate marketing network in Nigeria.

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